Advancing Informed Decision-Making
AI-powered enterprise information portal that provides single point of access to all reports and analytics your employees need to make better and faster business decisions.
Self-service business insight for everyone throughout your organization, maximizing analytics adoption and enabling the data culture.
We aim to profoundly change the way people use information to drive insight and guide their decisions.
At Accton, we firmly believe that to stand out from the competition and ensure sustainable growth, finding valuable business insights and acting on them is critical. To 'act on insight', people need to dive deep into the information and use it as a catalyst for new winning insights that lead to action.
Through our client work, we saw how complex and inefficient most analytics tools are in providing access to information for business decision-makers.
We decided we wanted to build a product to eliminate that complexity and inefficiency.
A product that would blend powerful features of an enterprise-wide repository of information assets with the client experience of a boutique e-commerce store.
Chief Product Officer
Chief Executive Officer
And so we did.
Meet the Accton Business Insight Hub.
The modern insights hub that integrates information from all your business intelligence tools, on-premise and in the cloud.
Save time and increase productivity with quick and easy access to all information used in decision-making.
Save the reports, metrics and other objects you use often in a customisable workspace. Pin your daily reports to your personal dashboard and launch them all from one place.
Searching for a new report or KPI? Just type in what you need and receive relevant results in seconds. Use the filter panel to narrow the list of objects and locate the one you searched for.
Use intuitive navigation and business-user friendly structure to find information related to a particular organisational unit, business function or analytics area.
Make profitable business decisions based on shared understanding and insight.
Identify sources of problems and define actions to respond.
Check the detailed descriptions of reports, metrics, and other objects to avoid ambiguity and misinterpretation and ensure your decision's quality.
Use predefined relations between objects to guide your analysis. Understand the root causes of changes in strategic indicators by tracing them down to influencing indicators and metrics.
Monitor changes in descriptions and other attributes by browsing objects' history. Find out the exact modifications and who introduced them.
Get advice, collaborate and share best practices. Add and edit objects and resolve issues.
Quickly add new and edit existing objects and resolve issues in a chat with pre-assigned responsible persons – owners, stewards and experts.
Automate workflows and tasks with built-in business processes and voting and rating modules tailored to your organisation's needs.
Share best practices, leave comments and ask for advice with light and friendly communication function. Keep the history of communications to protect and transfer knowledge.
Customise and configure Accton to meet your specific business needs.
Use industry best practices to build quality content.
Create new object types, attributes and relations without a single line of code. Use an advanced constructor module to tailor the system to your standards and practices.
Customise menus, add or exclude filters, manage users and permissions from the flexible administration panel. Change logos, colours and icons to match your corporate style.
Save time and raise the quality of content by utilising industry-specific libraries of business terms, indicators, metrics and other objects with comprehensive definitions and predefined relations.
Enable better and faster insight-based business decisions and optimise investments in your reporting and analytics ecosystem.
Create a single point of access to information in a complex business intelligence environment with multiple tools.
Provide users with access to all reporting and analytics from one personalised digital workspace and conceal your BI ecosystem's complexity.
Eliminate departmental silos, shadow reporting systems and individual spreadmarts to avoid information inconsistency.
Facilitate a culture of insight-driven decision-making, increase user adoption and leverage your investments in technology.
Migrate your reporting and analytics to the cloud or new business intelligence platform without disrupting your everyday processes.
Select a set of existing reports and analytics intended for migration and develop the most appropriate migration path. Warrant uninterrupted access to old and new BI environments during the migration.
Collect business requirements and keep them actual and easily accessible for external and internal migration teams. Automate migration processes and simplify acceptance and post-migration maintenance of new reports and analytics.
Minimise user disruption caused by switching to the new analytical environment, reduce retraining time and costs and create personalised experiences for keeping users engaged.
Harmonise your business intelligence ecosystem to leverage investments in technology and reduce support and maintenance costs.
Perform an inventory of your existing business intelligence repositories, track the usage of reports and determine a tool consolidation approach if necessary. Catalogue dashboards and reports and all objects they contain.
Improve the quality of analytical assets; remove unused, duplicated and fragmented reports. Perform certification of reports and raise users' awareness of the current quality of each object.
Introduce analytics governance processes and ownership, avoid an uncontrolled proliferation of reports. Support data governance with a shared business glossary and end-to-end traceability of data.
We keep our pricing simple and predictable
To provide you with the price, we only need to know how many users with the following roles you want to authorise.
Сustomises the system, manages users and content. Most often a member of BI team.
Сreates, edits and reads content, customises personal workspace. Most often a business analyst or subject matter expert.
Reads content and customises personal workspace. Ideally, everyone else in your organization less admins and editors.
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