August 18, 2022
14:00 GMT
45 minutes
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Microsoft Power BI rates as one of the top Business Intelligence instruments thanks to its flexibility, powerful functionality and comparative ease of use.
However, the level of BI adoption remains low. As Wiisdom Research says, it is about 26%, meaning that in many companies it doesn't exceed even 10%.
What is more, any analytics environment becomes messy with time as there is no proper governance over BI assets and user activities, resulting in lower usage rates.
The reason for that are mostly the barriers that business-users face when using analytics. Despite flexible functionality for analysis and data visualisation, Power BI doesn't engage business users to use analytics in their daily activities and doesn't provide enough insights to make effective changes. Moreover, it can't address some key questions that users and developers might have:
From Users
> In the report, I see the indicator "Margin by customer segments". How is it calculated?

> There are a few questions I have related to the quality and meaning of the information in the report. Who can I ask?

> There are hundreds of reports in the BI tool repositories - how to find the report I need?
From BI team
> How to get control over the growing number of reports in BI repositories?

> How to formalise requirements received from business users?

> How to optimise licensing costs?

> How many users are actively using BI tools and how to improve their experience?
Without these key answers, business users continue to make decisions as they always did - based on unverified data and personal experience.
The webinar will cover:
Key Power BI challenges that business users face
Fast access to all information and building trust in data and analytics
How to eliminate the barriers of using BI tools
The problem of uncontrolled Power BI usage
Who might be interested
Head of BI
BI manager
Head of reporting and analytics
Gennadii Armashula
CEO at Accton

IT expert. More than 25 years in DWH/BI, business development and strategic management. Successful entrepreneur, the founder of 5 companies, expert in data culture and analytics.
Anna Ovchynnikova
Chief Product Officer at Accton

Product manager, business analyst and marketing expert with over 10 years of multi-industry experience. A unique combination of knowledge and expertise in business performance, marketing, analytics and information governance with robust business analysis and product and project management skills.
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