September 27, 2022
14:00 BST
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Microsoft Power BI rates as one of the top Business Intelligence instruments thanks to its flexibility, powerful functionality and comparative ease of use.
Many companies are aiming to increase BI adoption on the way to becoming data-driven, and Power BI as a self-service tool is one of the best on the market that suits this purpose.
However, Power BI repositories soon become messy and difficult to control as there is no proper governance over BI assets and user activities, resulting in data quality issues, cost increases, performance issues, and lower usage rates.
We explore how analytics over BI environment can empower organisations in 3 main areas:
User Adoption
How we can help users feel more secure and confident when working with Power BI analytics reports and dashboards.
Control and Maintenance
How the analytics environment can be managed effectively to avoid chaotic BI repositories and loss in adoption rates.
Cost Saving
How to stop overpaying for unused licenses by monitoring their usage and activity.
The webinar will cover:
What analytics is needed to support order and bring governance over Power BI environment
What solutions are available to solve this problem
In-build Power BI analytics: Why it doesn't always help?
Main issues in building an in-house solution for the purpose
We will also give a short demonstration of how the matter can be approached using Accton Auditor as a starting point of analytics environment management.
Who might be interested
Head of BI
BI manager
Head of reporting and analytics
Gennadii Armashula
CEO at Accton

IT expert. More than 25 years in DWH/BI, business development and strategic management. Successful entrepreneur, the founder of 5 companies, expert in data culture and analytics.
Anna Ovchynnikova
Chief Product Officer at Accton

Product manager, business analyst and marketing expert with over 10 years of multi-industry experience. A unique combination of knowledge and expertise in business performance, marketing, analytics and information governance with robust business analysis and product and project management skills.
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