Proof of Concept
Is Accton as awesome as it seems?
Yes! And we are ready to prove it!
We offer you a proof of concept to show what our insight hub can do with your own reports and metrics.
Up to 3 reports with metrics imported in the trial environment with 5 days of access.

Full scope
Free of charge
See just how easy and neat your reporting environment can become with Accton
5 days of access delivered within a week after receiving reports

Step-by-step process


Demonstrate the value of keeping all decision-support information
under one roof
Examine some practical aspects of "light" analytics governance
Discover the potential for user experience improvement and engagement with analytics
Explore approaches to boosting the sustainability of analytics environment
How it works
Great, you've left your request! What happens next?
Short intro call
It's our chance to get to know each other! Let's arrange a 60-min call and have a chat: define our goals, discuss your situation and align our expectations. Plus a short demo of the product.
We get your reports
Then you choose up to 3 reports to try with Accton (we recommend choosing the most popular ones) and send them to us with or without real data.
Our analysts do the job
After we check the scope of work, our analysts import and enrich information in the trial environment.
30-min workshop
When we are ready with your reports, we arrange a 30-min call to walk you through the trial hub. We show how Accton would work in your exact situation and guide you through main screens.
You try it out
And here you are: 3-day trial access to the hub is yours. It is a temporary licence for up to 5 users with Reader rights.
Feedback session
We really care what you think! So please allow at least 20 minutes of your time for a feedback session. We'd be glad to hear your impressions and decide what our next steps might be.
Why you should try
Accton Insight Hub
Single point of access to decision-support information in any BI tool
Single source of truth for business and BI teams
'Light' governance and collaboration
Dynamic business requirements
Hosted instance of Accton trial environment for the duration of 5 days
A temporary licence for up to 10 users with Reader rights
A 30-min tour of main screens and functionality
Up to 3 of your most-used reports added to the report catalogue with basic description and relations
Up to 10 objects (indicators, dimensions, terms) from your reports with basic description and relations
Access to the Help Portal with detailed instructions
Sample Report Catalogue
Sample Business Glossary
Assumptions & Limitations
Active client participation and involvement
We encourage you to get the maximum out of this short PoC.
PoC only as a demo environment

Content is limited and only considered as drafts. It cannot be exported or reused beyond the system. In case you decide to continue with a pilot, we can save and transfer this information for you.
Limited customisation

Although our product is built as a constructor where you can add and hide any blocks, it won't be possible to do in the PoC.
Feedback session after the testing period

We'd love to hear your impressions and see if there's a match between your business needs and our amazing product.
Ready for more? Let's start with the pilot instead.
Request PoC
Leave your details and get ready for a whole new experience of using analytics with Accton Insight Hub!

Please note: we can do no more than 3 PoC per month, so you might have to wait for a while till your project will be started.
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