Try the new way of working with analytics!
In Pilot we offer to test Accton Insight Hub as a single hub for working with your analytics: reports, indicators, business terms etc.
Delivered within 3 weeks after receiving reports
- 10 reports & 50 metrics
- 1 month of access
- up to 50 users
£ 5 000
Demonstrate the value of a single point of access to all decision-support information for business users and BI team
Discover the potential for improvement of user experience and engagement with analytics
Explore approaches to boosting sustainability of analytics environment
Examine practical aspects of "light" analytics governance
Hosted instance of Accton Insight Hub for the duration of 1 month; customized interface
Up to 50 registered users with Admin, Editor and Reader rights
Sample Report Catalogue
10 of your most-used reports added to the report catalogue with full description and relations
Sample Business Glossary
At least 50 objects (indicators, dimensions, terms) from your reports added, described and related
A 1.5 hour tour of main screens and functionality
Full support from our analysts + Help Center
When we shake hands for a pilot, here's what we expect from our clients:
Involvement in the process

  • Participation of BI and business team members in the pilot
  • Your analysts are ready to support content preparation: report description and business definitions


  • All users actively participate in the workshop
  • You are ready for a feedback session after the testing period

Futher steps

We keep in touch and define what our futher steps may be
Why you should try
Accton Insight Hub
Single point of access to decision-support information in any BI tool
Single source of truth for business and BI teams
'Light' governance and collaboration
Dynamic business requirements
Request a pilot
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What is the main idea behind Accton Insight Hub?
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