case study
Empowering Smart Mobility:
how Accton Insight Hub streamlined analytics for a UK City Council
  • Sector: Government
  • Use case: Power BI + Accton Insight Hub
  • Location: United Kingdom
At a Glance

Implementation of a new BI tool by an external consultancy. Reports are both used internally and shared with external organisations and users.


  • Access to reports is too complicated for non-trained users
  • Lack of visibility of available analytics because of internal permissions
  • Difficult to understand reports without business definitions and context
  • No clear way to support BI tool without external support team
    Implement a shared portal for all analytics users, that will give them quick and easy access to all reports and dashboards. The portal should contain the full list of existing reports and their descriptions, so that any user can easily understand what metrics and calculations are used and how to interpret the dashboards. All technical documentation should be saved as business requirements document to save knowledge and maintain the system through internal resources going forward. The ability to share with external users is required.
    All business requirements for new reports were gathered, shared and maintained through Accton Insight Hub from the very beginning of the development process. After the BI team was ready with the final dashboards, they were all completely described. The users got access to their personalised workspaces. The administrator has the power to customise special access to open data dashboards for external teams - this way external parties do not have to go through login/registration process every time. The lack of context stopped being a problem as any user now has a detailed description for every report, which makes it much easier to understand even when background calculations are very complex.
    • Company has both technical documentation that helps support dashboards and business documentation that helps business users to understand and use dashboards easily.
    • Simplified access to all dashboards and reports without the need to navigate chaotically through the BI tool menus.
    • Specifically customised shared access to share reports outside the company. At the same time, for non-shared analytics the access is restricted.
    • The company is fully independent from external consultancy with complete documentation at hand.
    JULY, 20 / 2023
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