Accton Release 2.1: Empowering Your Analytics Journey

Anna Ovchynnikova
Chief Product Officer at Accton
We're thrilled to unveil Accton Release 2.1, the latest update to our analytics platform that brings even more power and convenience to your data-driven decision-making process.
Migration to Azure Cloud
With enhanced security, productivity, and scalability, we've seamlessly migrated Accton to the Azure Cloud. Experience peace of mind as your valuable data is protected, while enjoying improved performance and seamless scalability.
Advanced Search Technology
We've revolutionized the way you explore your data with our new Search technology. Now, searching by dozens of fields is a breeze, and the relevancy of your search queries is significantly boosted. Find insights faster and unlock the true potential of your data.
Tableau Integration
We're thrilled to introduce our new connector to Tableau Server and Tableau Cloud. Seamlessly connect Accton with your Tableau environment, harness the power of both platforms, and take your visualizations to the next level.
Flexible Relation Diagram Views
Your data relationships are now more customizable than ever. With two types of relation diagram views, you have the freedom to switch and visualize data relations in a way that suits your preferences. Empower your users to explore data connections with ease.
But that's not all! We've also made several other improvements, including content import/export optimization, attribute type change capabilities, and additional customization options for relations. We're committed to continuously enhancing your experience with Accton, making it more intuitive and powerful.
Coming Soon in Accton:
  • Log File: Gain control and transparency over all actions with the upcoming log file feature. Track activities and ensure accountability across your analytics workflows.

  • View & Viewers' Data Accessible through the Portal: Get a comprehensive view of your analytics assets by accessing View & Viewers' data directly through the Portal. Seamlessly explore and manage your insights in one centralized hub.

  • SSO (Single Sign-On): Simplify user access and enhance security with the upcoming Single Sign-On functionality. Seamlessly integrate Accton into your existing authentication systems and streamline user onboarding.

  • Search Optimization: Our commitment to continuous improvement means we're optimizing our search capabilities to deliver even more accurate and relevant results. Stay tuned for enhanced search performance in the near future.
At Accton, we're passionate about empowering businesses to unlock the true value of their data. With Release 2.1, we're bringing you a user-friendly, powerful, and innovative analytics solution that propels your informed decision-making.

Experience the power of Accton 2.1. Upgrade today and embark on a new era of data-driven success.
MAY, 25 / 2023
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