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We know how frustrating Power BI environment can be, when
BI environment is cluttered with old reports and duplicates

There is no control and understanding of user activities

Licensing and maintenance costs are constantly rising

BI penetration remains low
Are you still hoping to get a proper view of analytics usage with inbuilt Usage Metrics?
Then you have to try a specialised tool for BI usage tracking like Accton Auditor
About Accton Auditor
Accton Auditor is a specialised BI usage analysis module that provides a 360-degree view of reports usage, user behaviour and licenses management.
How It Works
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Get a full analysis of your PBI environment in 24 hours
We boost Power BI effectiveness
Use a ready-made analytics module to track your BI usage metrics, save costs and govern your analytics environment
Historical data
Availability to analyse historical data to define trends and optimise reporting environment
Analytics is available from the moment of connecting to the BI environment, and it becomes more powerful with every day gathering historical data
Overview of BI environment
Capabilities to get an overview and detailed and very flexible analysis of all reports, users, licences
Open access to the data with a huge amount of additional fields allows flexible customisation of reports adding any other required entities, dimensions or attributes
Can be extended to any number of other BI tools if needed
No need to develop an internal solution for analysis of reporting environment and support it
We keep the pricing simple
Purchase a year of control and harmony in your analytics ecosystem
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