Optimise your BI environment with Accton AUDITOR
Continuosly analyse your BI environment and discover areas of possible improvement in terms of performance and costs based on the flexible analysis of reports' stats data, user activities, and license utilisation.
Analysis of BI environment
- understand the number of reports in different tools, their usage, report creation, and tendencies
- analyse the number of active and inactive users in different tools and their activities
- get control over licensing and related costs to optimise it
- monitor your migration progress to a new BI tool and improve the process on the go
Analysis over BI assets
- understand report usage by different users / user groups
- optimise reporting environment by excluding unused reports regularly
- define priorities in maintenance based on report views / number of users who uses it
Analysis of user activities
- undertand the current level of BI user adoption and its tendencies
- define key users in analytics and inactive users
- define possible improvements in BI based on user actions
We boost your BI tool effectiveness
Use a ready-made analytics module to track your BI usage metrics, save costs and govern your analytics environment
  • Historical data
    Availability to analyse historical data to define trends and optimise reporting environment
  • Ready-to-use
    Analytics is available from the moment of connecting to the BI environment, and it becomes more powerful with every day gathering historical data
  • Overview of BI environment
    Capabilities to get an overview and detailed and very flexible analysis of all reports, users, licences
  • Customisation
    Open access to the data with a huge amount of additional fields allows flexible customisation of reports adding any other required entities, dimensions or attributes
  • Scalability
    Can be extended to any number of other BI tools if needed
  • Cost-saving
    No need to develop an internal solution for analysis of reporting environment and support it
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